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Swift Spirit

Nano Ceramic Coating

Ultimate Boat Protection with Ceramic Coating

Elevate your boat's protection against oxidation with ceramic coating, an advanced alternative to traditional wax. This innovative solution offers lasting beauty and structural integrity by preventing the common issue of oxidation, ensuring your vessel stays in pristine condition longer.

Long-Term Durability and Oxidation Prevention Ceramic coating provides a durable shield for up to five years, outperforming wax by preventing oxidation and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This protection against environmental factors like UV rays, saltwater, and dirt saves both time and money.

No More Aggressive Maintenance Forget about the yearly high RPM rotary buffing that traditional waxing requires, which can accelerate wear and contribute to oxidation. Ceramic coating maintains your boat’s shine and structure without the need for such harsh treatments.

Long-Lasting Appeal Ceramic coating delivers a vibrant, mirror-like finish that traditional wax can't match, enhancing your boat's appearance and setting it apart from others.

Effortless Cleaning It repels dirt and grime, making cleaning as simple as a quick hose down, thus avoiding potential oxidation risks and reducing maintenance efforts.

Make the Wise Choice Opt for ceramic coating to protect against oxidation, save on maintenance, and keep your boat looking its best. It’s the smart, long-term investment for preserving the elegance and resilience of your vessel. Choose ceramic coating for a brighter, more durable future.

Protection from UV damage and oxidation

If a boat is often exposed to the sun, it’s gelcoat will begin to oxidize. A layer of ceramic coating protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidation.

Salt water

Salt from the briney sea water can create some issues. Our ceramic coating offers protection against the damages and deterioration created by salt water and other externalities such as accumulation of algae, biological matter, etc.

Cleaning your boat is a snap!

One of the most significant features of ceramic coating is that it is hydrophobic which is a fancy way of saying it repels water. When a boat has a hydrophobic ceramic coating water will bead on the surface and slide off more easily.

Adds layer of hardness above 9H

9H stands for a hardness scale of 9 on the ‘pencil’ hardness scale. A common test used to test the strength of coatings, ceramic coating has a score of 9. Hence the name of ‘9H’ for 9 hardness.

Fuel friendly

The most unique function of ceramic coating is the ability to reduce drag when applied to the hull bottom and prop. Proven in the manufacturer industry, this coating reduces surface tensions creating higher speeds at cruising RPM’s.

Enhanced gloss & color depth

Your boat will be glossier and more beautiful than the day you bought it! The results are truly amazing!