Swift Spirit FAQS

1. How long will my detail take? 

Your detail will take about 1-15 days to finish depending on the size and condition of your boat.


2. Where do you travel to as a mobile detailing service?

We service every boat located within the circles of this map!

For special inquiries feel free to email sales@swiftspirit.us 


3. Is Ceramic Coating worth it?

Ceramic Coating is in a league of its own compared to traditional wax. As it allows a curing process, it binds to your under coat and creates a strong Nano-ceramic coat that is resistant to most elements.

4. What if I don't like the work done?

Please refer to our refund page here: https://swiftspirit.us/policies/refund-policy

5. How do I contact Swift Spirit?

Email: SwiftspiritMgnt@gmail.com

WA Phone: 206 - 222 - 4784

CA Phone: 213 - 516 - 6244

6. Are your chemicals environmentally friendly?

Yes, all of our chemicals are certified for professional boat detailing use and does not harm the environment.

7. Are you guys licensed and bonded?

Yes, feel free to email us for this information if needed.

Swift Spirit Team

Our team consists of talented individuals with multiple years of experience. Each member carry their passion, professionalism, and attention to detail no matter where they are.

  • Tyler Gordon, Co-Founder, Crew Lead

    With 18 Years of Detailing experience, Tyler Gordon, sets the standard for our services. With his leadership and operational acumen, our multiple crews are able to perform at it's pinnacle.

  • Sean Kim, Co-Founder, Business Management

    With 10 years of business experience, Sean heads our sales, marketing, and expansion. With his leadership Sean is essential in Swift Spirit's growth.

  • Deshar House, Crew Lead, Sales Representative

    Deshar's experience with leadership and lean six sigma, brings a high preformance and high energy dynamic to our crews in the Puget Sound and Southern California area.

  • Dom Ricci, Crew Lead, Sales Representative

    With 10 years of detailing experience from luxury sport vehicles to boats. Dom brings an invaluable dynamic to our detail crews in the Puget Sound and Southern California.