The Comprehensive Approach to Yacht Detailing at Swift Spirit

At Swift Spirit, we know how important it is to keep your yacht in good shape. When a boat is well-kept, it not only looks good but also keeps its value. Because of this, we offer a full range of yacht detailing services, such as mobile boat detailing and canvasing. In this blog, we'll talk more about the services we offer and how they can help you keep your yacht in great shape.

How We Do Yacht Detailing?

At Swift Spirit, we detail yachts in a way that is thorough and unique. We start by giving your boat a thorough checkup to see if there are any areas that need work. This includes the hull, the deck, the teak, the canvas, and any other parts that need to be cleaned or fixed. Once we've found the places that need work, we'll make a plan that's unique to your yacht and includes the services it needs.

Mobile Boat Detailing

Our mobile boat detailing service is a popular choice for yacht owners who would rather have their boat serviced right where it is docked. Our mobile unit has everything we need to do a full job of cleaning and detailing, including water, electricity, and cleaning supplies. Whether your yacht is at the marina or anchored out at sea, our team of experienced professionals can come to you and give you the same high-quality service you would get in our shop.

Waxing and buffing

Buffing and waxing is one of the most important parts of yacht detailing. In this process, surface flaws like scratches and swirls are taken care of, and then a protective layer of wax is put on to improve the shine and protect the paint from UV damage. At Swift Spirit, we only use the best products and methods to make sure your yacht looks great and is safe from the weather.

Coating of ceramic

Ceramic coating is an advanced way to protect paint, and it lasts longer and protects better than traditional wax. In this process, you put a liquid polymer on the surface of your yacht. This polymer bonds chemically with the paint to make a hard, durable layer that doesn't scratch, chip, or fade. Ceramic coating is a great choice for yacht owners who want their boat to be as protected as possible and who don't want to have to clean it as often.

Fixing up teak

Teak is a popular material for yachts because it is both beautiful and strong. But teak can lose its color, get stained, or get damaged over time, which can make it look bad and shorten its life. We offer teak restoration services at Swift Spirit that can bring your teak back to life and bring out its natural beauty. We clean, sand, and refinish the teak to get rid of stains and bring out the wood's natural color and grain.


The canvas is an important part of yacht detailing that people often forget about. The sun, rain, and snow can cause the covers, bimini tops, and upholstery on your yacht to fade, get stains, or get damaged over time. At Swift Spirit, we offer canvassing services that can get your yacht's canvas back to how it looked when it was first made. Our team of experienced professionals can clean, fix, or replace the canvas on your yacht as needed to keep it looking great and safe from the weather.


At Swift Spirit, we're proud to offer yacht detailing services that cover everything from mobile boat detailing to canvasing. Our team of skilled professionals only uses the best products and methods to make sure that your yacht looks great and is protected from the weather. Whether you need buffing and waxing, ceramic coating, teak restoration, or canvas services, we have the skills and knowledge to do the job right. Contact us today to schedule your yacht detailing service and let us help you keep your boat looking its best.
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