Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your yacht and how Swift Spirit can help

If you own a yacht, you already know how important it is to keep it in good shape. Cleaning and taking care of your yacht on a regular basis not only makes it look better but also keeps it from getting damaged by the harsh marine environment. But it can be hard to clean a yacht, and there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid. In this blog post, we'll talk about some of these mistakes and how Newport Beach's Swift Spirit can help you keep your yacht looking its best.

Mistake #1: Using the wrong cleaning products is the first mistake.

Using the wrong cleaning products is one of the most common mistakes yacht owners make. If you use the wrong products, you can ruin the finish on your yacht, making it look old and worn. Many yacht owners make the mistake of cleaning their boats with harsh household cleaners or abrasive products that are too rough for the soft surfaces of their boats. It's important to clean your yacht with the right products for its materials, like teak, fiberglass, or stainless steel.

How Swift Spirit Can Help: The professionals at Swift Spirit know how to choose the right cleaning products for the surfaces of your yacht. They use high-quality products that are gentle but still get the job done. This keeps the finish on your yacht in good shape and keeps it looking its best.

Mistake #2: Skipping Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Another common mistake yacht owners make is not cleaning and maintaining their boats on a regular basis. Yachts are exposed to the elements, so they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to look their best. Skipping these tasks can cause long-term problems, like stains, discoloration, and even damage to the building's structure.

How Swift Spirit Can Help: Swift Spirit offers yacht detailing services on a regular basis to make sure your boat always looks its best. Their mobile boat detailing service makes it easy and convenient to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance, even if you have a full schedule.

Mistake #3: Not taking care of the teak restoration

Teak is a popular choice for yacht decks because it gives any boat a classic and elegant look. But teak needs to be cared for regularly to keep it from fading and getting damaged. If you don't take care of teak restoration, it can get discolored, crack, and even start to rot.

How Swift Spirit Can Help: Swift Spirit offers professional teak restoration services that can help bring your teak back to its original condition. They use the most up-to-date tools and methods to make sure that your teak is cleaned, sanded, and sealed properly. This protects it from the elements and keeps it looking great for years to come.

Mistake #4: Not using a ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a popular choice for yacht owners who want to protect their boat's finish from the harsh marine environment. It makes a strong, long-lasting barrier that keeps scratches, fading, and other kinds of damage from happening. If you don't use ceramic coating, saltwater, UV rays, and other things in the environment can damage your yacht.

How Swift Spirit Can Help: Swift Spirit provides high-quality ceramic coating services that can help protect your yacht's finish and keep it looking great. Their team of professionals has the knowledge and skills to put a ceramic coating on your yacht, which will protect it from the weather.


It's important to clean and take care of your yacht if you want it to look its best and avoid long-term damage. By avoiding these common mistakes and working with a professional mobile boat detailing company like Swift Spirit, you can make sure that your yacht is always in great shape. Swift Spirit can help you keep your yacht looking great for years to come with their knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact them right away to find out more about what they can do for your yacht.
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