Ceramic Coating, Teak Restoration, Buffing, and Waxing: A Complete Guide to Yacht Maintenance in Newport Beach.

As a yacht owner in Newport Beach, you know how important it is to keep the outside of your boat in good shape. Your yacht can quickly lose its shine and luster if it is always out in the weather and being used. To keep your yacht in top shape, it's important to get yacht maintenance services like ceramic coating, teak restoration, buffing, and waxing done on a regular basis. We'll talk about each of these services and how they can help protect and refresh your yacht in this blog.

Coating of ceramic

A ceramic coating is a clear, liquid polymer that is put on the surface of your yacht to make a layer of protection that is very strong and will last a long time. This layer makes it harder for water, dirt, and other things to stick to your yacht's finish. This makes it less likely that the finish will get damaged. Ceramic coatings also protect against UV rays for a long time, so they don't fade or change color.

When put on by a professional mobile boat detailing company, ceramic coatings can last for years and protect the outside of your yacht in a way that requires no maintenance.

Fixing up teak

Teak is a popular choice for yacht decking because it is both beautiful and strong, but it needs to be taken care of regularly to stay in good shape. Due to the weather and lack of care, teak can become dull and gray over time.

Teak restoration is a process that a professional yacht detailing company can use to bring back the beauty of your teak deck. This process involves sanding, cleaning, and putting a protective finish on your teak to bring out its natural color and shine.

Waxing and buffing

Waxing and buffing are important parts of yacht maintenance that help keep the outside of your boat looking its best. When you buff your yacht, you use a machine to get rid of surface scratches and other flaws in the finish. The next step is to put wax on the wood, which acts as a barrier against the weather and keeps it from getting any worse.

Buffing and waxing the outside of your yacht by a professional yacht detailing company can help keep it looking like new for years to come.


In Newport Beach, yacht owners may also want to think about services like ceramic coating, teak restoration, buffing, and waxing. This type of maintenance is meant to keep the canvas on your yacht in good shape, protect it from the weather, and make it last longer.

By using yacht detailing services on a regular basis, yacht owners in Newport Beach can protect their investment and enjoy the boat's beauty and performance for many years to come. Swift Spirit can help you if you need a full detail, a ceramic coating, teak restoration, buffing, or waxing. Contact us today to find out more about our yacht detailing services and how we can help keep your boat in good shape and give it a new look.
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